Weekender £355



Maybe you've recently failed your driving test. We'll sort it out over the weekend.

This course is primarily aimed at those who have recently failed a driving test and need a remedial 'brush up'.

When you purchase your course you will need to confirm that you have failed a driving test in the last 3 months. We will secure a date for your driving test* and book in your course for the day prior to the test.

You will receive confirmation of the course by email

If you are unsure about which course to choose then it is possible to take an assessment lesson (£35) to ensure that this course will give you the best chance of passing.

1.5 hours assessment lesson included.

Aimed at specific areas of weakness to help you pass.

You also get an On the Move' record of progress.

You get 3 hours each day over 3 days with practical test included

This is a manual driving course. Looking for an automatic course? Click here!


Call us NOW on 0800 180 4240 - 0330 100 2492

*We are governed by DVSA waiting times for driving test and therefore there may be a period of time between booking and taking the test. We will endeavour to get the earliest possible date.