Course Guide


Have you ever considered passing your test within 10 days at the most? Well why not take an Intensive Course! We offer various courses for you to take with our fantastic instructors!

The 10 Day 'Complete' Course - This package is suitable for those with little or no driving experience and includes 40 hours of on the road driving. We also include all the learning resources that you will require to get you through your theory test. This course is available at £1150.

The 7 Day 'Week To Pass' Course - This is suitable for those with some driving experience. A seven day intensive package with the Acclaim 'Guaranteed re-test'. This course is available for you at £895.

The 5 Day 'Working Week' Course - This course is aimed at those who have passed their theory test and have some reasonable driving experience. We will polish your skills and work towards the test at the end of the week. This is course is available at £535.

The 3 Day 'Weekender' Course - This course is primarily aimed at those who have recently failed a driving test and need a remedial 'brush up'. This course is available at £355.

These courses are available for you in both Manual and Automatic cars*. Our instructors are of the highest standard and we hope you're interested in completing one of these courses and for more information on our courses, please call us NOW on 0800 180 4240 or 0330 900 1227.

Course subject to area availability.

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